EM-Technik UK supplies specialist high quality Ball Valves, Compression Fittings, Check Valves, Pipe Connectors, Tri-Clamp Connectors and much more, all available in PVDF, PFA or PP. Tubing available in PTFE, FEP, PFA plus many other materials on request.

The EM-Technik group is considered as one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of high-quality fluid transfer components made of special plastics, including ball valves, 1A tube connectors, PTFE tubing, PFA tubing, FEP tubing, check valves, 2N/2D pipe connectors and tri-clamp connectors.

We stock a wide range of valves and fittings. Our products are used wherever liquid or gaseous substances are handled: for shutting off, regulating, distributing, measuring, filtering, or simply to connect media flows in your application. They meet the highest standards of material purity, media resistance and reliability for the application.

EM-Technik valves and fittings form a modular system in which every part is compatible and can be used for variable applications. This means that we can provide solutions for many applications from a single source; solutions that are tailored exactly to the needs of our customers.

Our modular product line now consists of 60,000 components and includes a wide range of connectors, ball valves, check valves, fittings, hose fittings, pipe fittings, flow meters, shut-off valves, filters, distribution systems and tubing. High-quality virgin plastics are used exclusively: PVDF, PFA, PTFE, PEEK and PP, some of which are offered in HP quality, electrically conductive, and many with FDA approval.

Our high-performance products are used primarily in high-technology industries such as laboratory analysis, the pharmaceutical sector, semiconductor, the chemicals industry, food and beverage, bio and medical technology, green energy, water treatment and chemical dosing.

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Product Overview

Ball Valves

Our range of ball valves are ideal where there is a need to shut off aggressive gasses and liquids safely and reliably.


Check Valves

Check valves protect against media blow back. As every application is different, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. We have three distinctive types of check valves.


Compression Fittings

Our flexible tubing fittings are available in PVDF, PP & PFA materials. Our compression fittings for rigid pipe are suitable for PVDF, metal and even glass tubing.

FEP tubing

FEP Tubing

Because of its low water absorption, FEP tubing is especially used in the areas of metering liquid food and medical use.


PFA Tubing

PFA tubing has great chemical resistance and a high weather/UV stability. PFA tubing is a highly inert material and therefore is perfect for use in the pharmaceutical sector.


PTFE Tubing

High performance PTFE tubing is used in the most demanding of applications and industries i.e. the chemical industry, air quality monitoring, water treatment and pharmaceutical.


Quick Couplings

The two latest additions to our product range are convincing with their ergonomic and handy design.


Also available

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