The type of product or material used in laboratories can be vast and vary depending on the nature of the items being examined. The range for outfitting medical, chemical and technical laboratory equipment extends from a simple test tube to gas chromatographs. It’s essential that any products and systems used in laboratories or research departments must meet stringent guidelines.

Our large selection of GL connectors, micro connectors and mini ball valves are suitable for use in laboratories and research and development applications. They can be used compactly and flexibly even for setting up small scale tests.

The pressure-controlled flow measurements are ideal for measuring the flow speed and volume in a heated housing unit. Our 5L regulation valve can be used to take a sample for measurement purposes. The flow rate value can then be read by a flow meter and the manometer is helpful for adjusting the system pressure using our pressure keeping valve. 

We pride ourselves on providing flawless raw materials, ingredients, machines and components and our production processes are subject to the strictest control. Independent institutes would usually monitor quality control, which is thorough and rigorous, to ensure consistency is kept.

This is where our modular systems come in. We provide high-quality PVDF and PP products for laboratory and analysis facilities to meet the high and exceedingly strict requirements of industries such as food. In this instance, our work makes a small but impactful contribution to the consistent quality of the consumer’s food products.

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