We have been supplying a vast range of plastic components to Semiconductor OEMs around the world for decades. 

Our products are manufactured in highly controlled environments to the highest of standards in clean rooms which are in line with ISO 14644-1 class 5 and clean room 7 from 2018.

They are used for a wide variety of applications from smart phones to electric vehicles. Whilst the products they are used in are largely different, one thing they have in common is the need for semiconductors which are required for the manufacture of microprocessors.

These products must be absolutely free from particles, and we ensure every product we deliver to a customer is to the highest degree of purity. Our highly controlled environments and clean rooms help us to maintain these standards.

Particle-free wafer cleaning is the most essential and most used manufacturing step in the semiconductor industry. This is due to the fatal consequences which come if small particles or chemical residue is left behind. This leads to yield loss or the complete loss of wafer or even batch.

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The two most important reasons behind wafer having to be cleaned so often are as follows:

  • The wafers come into contact with many different chemicals such as etching liquids, wetting agents, photo resists. Every step following this contact must go through a removal process to ensure no particles are left behind.
  • The wafers are mechanically moved between each process, including process, control and measurement equipment. These movements are unavoidably connected and create mechanical friction which produces particles which infiltrate the wafer.

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Both the processes themselves and the employees running the processes, can also produce particles. This means there is a high requirement for the products used to allow the acids and other chemicals to be supplied without any particles at the cleaning process.

Our plastic parts, such as our flare connectors, comply with the highest industry standards for purity and cleanliness.

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