Clean water is essential for ensuring a healthy quality of life globally. Thanks to our innovative plastics, the flow-optimised connectors and fittings we provide feature an impressive solution and long-life span of clean water systems.

Our plastic components are heavily used in the water treatment plants where harsh chemicals are used and the systems must be chemical resistant and robust. They feature high media resistance, UV stability, and excellent Kv values. This ensures we’re contributing to the production of safe and clean drinking water.

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Our 6L ball valve is essential in water disinfecting systems, where through a flange, flow meter and filter, the water passes to the water removal system. Our plastic ball valve allows the flow of water to be turned off if necessary. Water quality and pressure are continuously monitored by a simple integrated bypass.

Our products are resistant to thermal water and can be installed in systems used for oral or ENT treatments. This resistance to thermal water makes our products ideal for use in thermal baths which act as wellness oases, benefitting health.

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Problems with the circulation, respiratory system and ENT conditions can be treated here as the water has an anti-inflammatory effect. In practice valves and ball valves are used to ensure a precise and simple flow control of the water.

Corrosion testing where extreme temperatures and humidity, fast temperature fluctuations and corrosive atmospheres are simulated can potentially use our plastic connectors and fittings too.

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