Compact Valve Series 5C

Our Safe Regulation Solution for Aggressive Media!

Our new Series 5C compact valve impresses with an innovative approach: the spindle, the heart of the valve, is completely hidden inside the product in our new development. Shatterproof, completely metal-free and easy to install!

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PFA quick couplings

PFA-Quick Couplings Series 3K

Our Answer to the Highest Chemical Requirements!

Even at first glance, the two latest additions to our product range are convincing with their ergonomic and handy design. The coupling and nipple can be connected and disconnected quickly and easily and offer a wide range of connection options thanks to their female G thread. Multimedia resistance for every application!

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High Performance-Injector Series 7G300

Your System Efficiency in our Focus!

Our injectors stand for absolute reliable and efficient delivery and mixing of two media. The basic principle is simple: a gaseous media is used for the actuator; this media escapes at high pressure and high speed from a nozzle. During this process the media from the surrounding area is also drawn along and can be supplied to the downstream production process.

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