check valves

Check valves protect against media blow back. As every application is different, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.

We have three distinctive types of check valves:

  • With spring. The valve will close when the system pressure drops below the spring rating.
  • Without spring. Relies on back pressure to close the valve.
  • Compact. Complete with connectors for flexible tubing. As such are perfect where space is a premium.

The above come with Kvs values ranging from 0.20 m³/h up to 0.45 m³/h there are options for use in many different applications. An o-ring supports the valve seat which guarantees maximum safety, media resistance and reliability.

Our check valves are available in PFA, PVDF or PP, with FKM, FFKM or EPDM seals. We have a variety of check valves in stock, all of which guarantee maximum safety and reliability.


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